About Us


Who are we?

MY FALAH AGRO VENTURES SDN BHD was established and incorporated in Malaysia under the Company Act 2016 in 2017 as a private limited company to undertake and participate in the trading of food and agro related business locally and abroad.


MFAV is a member of MY FALAH Group of Companies. MFAV pursues attractive business venture opportunities in:

  1. Trading of Food Products and Agro Related Products as a Distributor, Wholesaler and/or Retailer,
  2. Food Products Warehousing/Cold Room and Processing/Packaging Plant Facilities,
  3. Distribution and Logistics of Food Products and Agro Related Products, and
  4. All other activities related to Food and Agro Related Products.


Our approach in realizing these business ventures is by establishing a strong tri-parte relationship between:

  1. Government agencies and authorities,
  2. Strategic alliances amongst producers, suppliers, shippers & clients, and
  3. With financial/banking institutions.

Our team has deep industry expertise, significant operating experience, and outstanding technical skills with a collective experience of more than 20 years in the food and agro related industry. The company has a clear strategy of using its collective skills and understanding of markets to develop unique value propositions to clients, partners and stakeholders, reinforcing sustainability and delivering quality outcomes to all stakeholders. The company is striving to establish a strong market position especially in Asia and a rapidly growing presence in the international market with our mind set for value, quality and sustainability.




Business Focus

Marketing & Distribution of ADEEVA Products

Through collaboration and strategic partnership with a subsidiary of Halex Holdings Berhad (Halex Woolton (M) Sdn Bhd – “HWSB”), MFAV has been appointed as a distributor for the Tissue Papers, Cotton Wool and Wet Wipes products under the brand name ADEEVA® in Malaysia.


Trading & Distribution of Perishables

MFAV collaborate with its farmers/suppliers to ensure that the production and transport of its products, from harvest to its final destination. Through this collaboration, MFAV is well aware of actual developments and requirements of perishable items in Malaysia. MFAV collects all the international agricultural know-how in order to maintain a firm grip on each stage of the perishables production process.


Trading & Distribution of Livestock, Chilled & Frozen Beef, Lamb and Mutton

In joint collaboration with WTD Global Sdn Bhd (“WTD”), a license holder for importing Beef, Lamb and Mutton from Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Brazil, USA and Japan.


Trading, Import, Export & Distribution of Chicken & Chicken Parts

MFAV has foreseen the future of Halal chicken and chicken parts in Malaysia when we started the business back in 2017. Due to this huge potential business venture, MFAV had started to trade Halal chicken where we supply fresh and frozen chicken including various parts and its byproducts. All these products are produced locally as well as imported from countries approved by Malaysian Government. We collaborate closely with local farmers, slaughtering houses and end users located throughout Malaysia.




Why choose us?

Quality Control

We ensure you that our main focus is in the quality of the products. We will make sure that customers get the best quality from us and we serve customers as V.I.Ps.

Friendly Customer Service
We will not serve customers with the attitude of “because-this-is-my-job”. We will make sure that customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping experience. If you require our assistance while shopping, we will provide you with the best support you can find online.




How to contact us?

If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hesitate to contact us! We can be contacted through info.myfalah@gmail.com or call us at 03-6201 6799 / 03-6201 8799. We will get back to you within the shortest time possible‚Äč.




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